Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy, also referred to as Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy and Couples Counseling, is for everyone. This therapy helps us with communication and effective problem solving during many important life transitions such as premarital preparation, relationships, family life, separation, divorce. It can also include relationships in the workplace, empty nesters, grief, anxiety, depression, anger, aging, chronic pain or illness and trauma.

Each of these transitions as well as relationships can be impacted by present family dynamics or a history of family dynamics – such as codependence, alcohol or substance abuse. An understanding of how we may be impacted is important for making positive change. Therefore everyone can benefit from counseling including individuals, couples and multi-generational families.

A very important aspect of counseling is the development of new interpersonal communications skills. These skills help us to listen and to be heard and understood in a non-blameful, nonjudgmental way. Relationship harmony is the goal of effective communication and is one of the most powerful forms of coaching/therapy we can provide.