Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD Therapy

At Wellness Counseling we use a unique humanistic approach to treating clients on the Autism Spectrum. We do this by creating a non-judgmental, non-pathological atmosphere that embraces empathy and understanding.

Clients receive a personalized approach to treatment that best suits their needs in order to improve daily functioning. This may range from basic communication skills to comprehensive therapy in order to help clients overcome stress, anxiety, depression and existential crisis; the adversities of Autism in a neurotypical world.

Autism Spectrum Therapy for Family Members

We also offer therapy services to the parents and guardians of autistic individuals to help them better understand the condition and cope with the added difficulties that come with raising an autistic family member.

Families who come in together gain the benefit of learning how to support one another and to bring more harmony into the home. Parents, guardians and siblings can also benefit from learning about self-care techniques and stress resiliency skills to bring the all-important aspect of balance into life.

You need not tackle this problem on your own. At Wellness Counseling we are committed to improving the lives of our clients and their relatives.